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3 Minute Halacha - Pesach

 3 Minute Halacha- Inadvertently Including Mashiv Haruach

Saying Shema Seder Night

Korech as a Zecher L'Mikdash

How Late Can I Eat the Afikoman?

Stealing the Afikomen

Which Vegetable Should I Use for Maror?

Can Zoom be Used for a Seder?

Which Vegetable Should I Use for Karpas?

Talking Between Urchatz and Karpas

Making Kiddush at the Seder

4 Cups of Wine: Red vs. White

3 Minute Halacha- Leaning During Karpas

 3 Minute Halacha- If One Forgot to Lean

3 Minute Halacha- When to Lean

3 Minute Halacha- Which Direction do we Lean

3 Minute Halacha- The Source for Leaning During the Seder

Selling your Chametz - Mechirat Chametz

  3 Minute Halacha - Working on Erev Pesach

Eating Matzah Products on Erev Pesach

Getting a Haircut on Erev Pesach and this year during Sefira

Fulfilling Biur Chametz When We Can't Burn It

3 Minute Halacha - Taanit Bechorot when Erev Pesach is on Shabbat

The Fast of the First Born and a Virtual Siyum

Fasting Erev Pesach on Behalf of First Born Son

Putting Out Pieces of Bread for Bedikat Chametz

How Long Should it Take to do Bedikat Chametz

Using a Flashlight for Bedikat Chametz

3 Minute Halacha- Bedikat and Biur Chametz When Erev Pesach is Shabbat

3 Minute Halacha- The Bracha on Bedikat Chametz

3 Minute Halacha- The Need for Bedikah and Bitul Chametz

3 Minute Halacha- Birkat Ha'ilanot

3 Minute Halacha- Maot Chittim

 3 Minute Halacha - Why is Shabbat HaGadol on Shabbat?

3 Minute Halacha - Reading the Haggadah on Shabbat HaGadol

3 Minute Halacha- Chodesh Nissan

3 Minute Halacha - 30 Days Before Pesach

Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784