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The "3 Minute Halacha" series is sponsored by Dr. Phillip & Leah Mehler (Denver), the parents of Lani & Levi Kahn, in memory of their parents, Drs. Irving & Bernice Mehler and Gedalia & Miriam Zupnick, ז״ל.

Three Minute Halacha

Hilchot Brachot

3 Minute Halacha- Source for Bracha Rishona

3 Minute Halacha- Bracha on Sweet Challah

 3 Minute Halacha- "Mezonot Rolls"

3 Minute Halacha- Filled Dough

3 Minute Halacha - Is Pizza Mezonot or HaMotzi?

3 Minute Halacha- The Bracha on Matzah throughout the Year

3 Minute Halacha- Defining Kviat Seudah

 3 Minute Halacha- The Unique Bracha of Hagafen

3 Minute Halacha- Hagafen Exempting Other Drinks

3 Minute Halacha- Hagafen as Birchat Hamitzvah

 3 Minute Halacha- What Does Halacha Consider a Tree

3 Minute Halacha- Mashed Potatoes, Applesauce, and Other Crushed Produce

3 Minute Halacha- What Bracha on Hearts of Palm?

3 Minute Halacha- Bracha on Chips, Pringles, and More

 3 Minute Halacha- Fruit in the Context of a Meal

3 Minute Halacha- Granola Bars

3 Minute Halacha- Shehakol

 3 Minute Halacha- Reciting 100 Brachot Daily



3 Minute Halacha-Fasting Erev Rosh Hashanah

3 Minute Halacha- Hatarat Nedarim Erev Rosh Hashanah

3 Minute Halacha- Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

3 Minute Halacha- Simanim on Rosh Hashanah

3 Minute Halacha- Customs of Tashlich

 3 Minute Halacha- Shofar Part 2- Shofar on Shabbat

 3 Minute Halacha- Shofar Part 3 - Blowing Shofar During Musaf

3 Minute Halacha- Blowing Shofar on Behalf of Someone Else

3 Minute Halacha Shehecheyanu on Shofar Day 2 of Rosh Hashanah

3 Minute Halacha- Eating Before Tekiat Shofar

3 Minute Halacha- Borrowing Shofar Without Permission

3 Minute Halacha- Shir Hama'alot after Yishtabach

3 Minute Halacha- Changes in Shemoneh Esrei for Aseret Yemei Teshuva

 3 Minute Halacha- Greeting on Rosh Hashanah

3 Minute Halacha- צום גדליה

3 Minute Halacha- Wearing non-Leather Shoes on Yom Kippur

3 Minute Halacha-Eating on Erev Yom Kippur

3 Minute Halacha- Asking for Forgiveness

3 Minute Halacha- Building a Sukkah

3 Minute Halacha- Is there a Mitzvah to Build a Sukkah

3 Minute Halacha- Intent While SItting in the Sukkah

3 Minute Halacha-The Unique Status of Chol Hamoed

3 Minute Halacha - Laundry on Chol HaMoed

3 Minute Halacha- Writing on Chol Hamoed

3 Minute Halacha- Haircuts and Shaving on Chol Hamoed

3 Minute Halacha- Hitting the Aravah

3 Minute Halacha- Disposing of Arba Minim and Schach

3 Minute Halacha- Why Don't We Recite Tachanun After Sukkot?

3 Minute Halacha- If One Forgets Morid Hageshem


Davening Issues

3 Minute Halacha- Shofar During Elul

Birkat Kohanim - Why Don't Kohanim Say it Every Day?

Bowing at Modim

Modim deRabbanan

Ya'ale V'Yavo

Inserting Personal Prayers into the Shemina Esrei

Adding Names to Refainu

Selach Lanu and Beating our Chest

Ata Chonantanu on Motzaei Shabbat

Singing Along with Chazan During Kedusha

Hashem Sefatai Tiftach

Taking 3 Steps Back

Keeping Our Feet Together for Kedusha

Taking 3 Steps Forward for Shemona Esrei

What Do You Do If You Made a Mistake in Shemona Esrei

Kavanah for the First Bracha of the Shemona Esrei

How Many People Must Be Able to Answer Amen to Say Chazarat HaShatz

How Many Do We Need to Start Shemoneh Esrei

Should the Chazzan Say Ga'al Yisrael Quietly?

Texting During Kriat Shema

Interruptions during Kriat Shema - Kaddish, Kedusha and Borchu

Interrupting during Birchat Kriat Shema - Background

Kedushat Yotzer

Birchot Kriat Shema


Standing for Borchu

Origins of Yishtabach

Holding Your Breath for Yishtabach

Az Yashir

Covering Our Eyes for Shema

Why Do We Stand for Vayevarech David?

Baruch Hashem L'Olam

What Do you Do when you are Late to Shul?

Conclusion of Ashrei

Why Did We Recite Kaddish AFTER the Haftarah?

Pointing During Hagbah


Mizmor LeTodah

Pesukei D'Zimra- Hodu

Interrupting During Pesukei D'zimrah

Pesukei D'Zimra - Intro

"Eizehu Mekoman" and "Rebbe Yishmael"


Time to Recite Birchot Hashachar

Birchot Hashachar Part 1

If One Forgot Birkat HaTorah

Must Women Recite Birkat HaTorah?

Learning Right After Birkat Hatorah 

Birkat HaTorah

When to Say Elokai, Neshama

Saying Adon Olam

Should I Recite Yigdal

Mah Tovu

Modeh Ani

Greeting Someone Before Tefillah

Eating or Drinking Before Tefillah

Davening While Holding a Child

Limiting Access to Shul

Davening Near Pictures

Davening by a Window

Davening in Front of a Wall

Reciting Vayichulu without a Minyan

Yekum Purkan Without a Minyan

Kiddush Levana at Home

Nefilat Apayim at Home

Davening in a Set Place

Davening in the Vicinity of Young Children

3 Minute Halacha- Shabbat Mevorchim

3 Minute Halacha- When is the Last Time to Recite Kiddush Levana


Nine Days

Customs of the 10th of Av

Tisha b'Av after Midday

Seudat Hamafseket

Simcha During the Month of Av

Eating Meat and Drinking Wine During the Nine Days

Laundry and Wearing Freshly Laundered Clothing During the Nine Days

Bathing During the Nine Days


Sefirat HaOmer

Saying L'Shem Yichud Before Sefira

Hallel on Yom HaAtzmaut

Counting the Wrong Night

Shaving on Yom HaAtzmaut

Reminding Someone Which Day of the Omer we are up to

Are Women Obligated in Sefirat HaOmer?

If One Missed a Day of Counting Sefira

Getting a Haircut and Shaving this Friday - Erev Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Iyar

May Somebody Count Sefira for me?

Why Don't We Say Shehecheyanu on Sefira?

La'Omer versus Ba'Omer - Which is Correct?

When do we count sefira? How early and how late?

Music During Sefira


Saying Tachanun After Shavuot

Eating the Eiruv Tavshilin

Megillat Ruth on Shavuot

Eating Dairy on Shavuot

The Mishmar

Decorating Home and Shul For Shavuot

What Time is Maariv Said on the 1st Night of Shavuot


Candle Lighting on Yom Tov

Increased Kedushah of Chol Hamoed

 3 Minute Halacha- Honoring Chol Hamoed


Saying Shema Seder Night

Korech as a Zecher L'Mikdash

How Late Can I Eat the Afikoman?

Stealing the Afikomen

Which Vegetable Should I Use for Maror?

Can Zoom be Used for a Seder?

Which Vegetable Should I Use for Karpas?

Talking Between Urchatz and Karpas

Making Kiddush at the Seder

4 Cups of Wine: Red vs. White

Selling your Chametz - Mechirat Chametz

Eating Matzah Products on Erev Pesach

Getting a Haircut on Erev Pesach and this year during Sefira

Fulfilling Biur Chametz When We Can't Burn It

The Fast of the First Born and a Virtual Siyum

Fasting Erev Pesach on Behalf of First Born Son

Putting Out Pieces of Bread for Bedikat Chametz

How Long Should it Take to do Bedikat Chametz

Using a Flashlight for Bedikat Chametz

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