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Three Minutes of Halacha

Davening Issues

Mah Tovu

Modeh Ani

Greeting Someone Before Tefillah

Eating or Drinking Before Tefillah

Davening While Holding a Child

Limiting Access to Shul

Davening Near Pictures

Davening by a Window

Davening in Front of a Wall

Reciting Vayichulu without a Minyan

Yekum Purkan Without a Minyan

Kiddush Levana at Home

Nefilat Apayim at Home

Davening in a Set Place

Davening in the Vicinity of Young Children


Sefirat HaOmer

Saying L'Shem Yichud Before Sefira

Hallel on Yom HaAtzmaut

Counting the Wrong Night

Shaving on Yom HaAtzmaut

Reminding Someone Which Day of the Omer we are up to

Are Women Obligated in Sefirat HaOmer?

If One Missed a Day of Counting Sefira

Getting a Haircut and Shaving this Friday - Erev Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Iyar

May Somebody Count Sefira for me?

Why Don't We Say Shehecheyanu on Sefira?

La'Omer versus Ba'Omer - Which is Correct?

When do we count sefira? How early and how late?

Music During Sefira


Saying Tachanun After Shavuot

Eating the Eiruv Tavshilin

Megillat Ruth on Shavuot

Eating Dairy on Shavuot

The Mishmar

Decorating Home and Shul For Shavuot

What Time is Maariv Said on the 1st Night of Shavuot


Candle Lighting on Yom Tov

Increased Kedushah of Chol Hamoed


Saying Shema Seder Night

Korech as a Zecher L'Mikdash

How Late Can I Eat the Afikoman?

Stealing the Afikomen

Which Vegetable Should I Use for Maror?

Can Zoom be Used for a Seder?

Which Vegetable Should I Use for Karpas?

Talking Between Urchatz and Karpas

Making Kiddush at the Seder

4 Cups of Wine: Red vs. White

Selling your Chametz - Mechirat Chametz

Eating Matzah Products on Erev Pesach

Getting a Haircut on Erev Pesach and this year during Sefira

Fulfilling Biur Chametz When We Can't Burn It

The Fast of the First Born and a Virtual Siyum

Fasting Erev Pesach on Behalf of First Born Son

Putting Out Pieces of Bread for Bedikat Chametz

How Long Should it Take to do Bedikat Chametz

Using a Flashlight for Bedikat Chametz

Tue, June 2 2020 10 Sivan 5780