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Membership 5780

PLEASE NOTE: All current memberships were automatically renewed.   Accordingly, for current members, in lieu of completing this form, you can simply click here to make payment arrangements for your 5780 dues amount (after signing into your account), and you may contact the office ( or 773-761-4000) for High Holiday seating arrangements.   Alternatively, you can complete the form below to change your membership status or to request High Holiday seats.   Anyone who was not a member in 5779 must, in all cases, complete the form below or otherwise contact the office.

If you wish to download, print and fill out the forms offline, please use the links below:

5780 Membership Letter

5780 Membership and High Holiday Seating Form

(If you need more seats than your membership level allots, you may indicate how many extra seats you need, using the next section below after choosing your membership level.)

***First time members are entitled to a 50% discount on a Full Family Membership***

Enter Number of Extra Seats desired in each category for High Holidays:

MAIN SANCTUARY (Members and Non-Members) and BEIT MIDRASH (Members Only)

BEIT MIDRASH (Non-Members – Seats Only)

For the High Holidays I prefer to daven in the:

If buying seats in both Beit Midrash and Main Sanctuary, please indicate below the number of men’s and women’s seats needed for each Minyan and any preferred seat location.

Fri, August 7 2020 17 Av 5780