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Membership 5782

PLEASE NOTE: All 5781 memberships were automatically renewed for 5782.   Accordingly, for current (5781) members, in lieu of completing this form below, please simply click here to make payment arrangements for your 5782 dues amount (after signing into your account) Alternatively, you can complete the form below to change your membership status.   Anyone who was not a member in 5781 must, in all cases, complete the form below or otherwise contact the office.

As mentioned in our 5782 Membership Letter (see below), High Holiday seats will not be assigned for until you have made payments arrangements for your 5782 membership (either via the website or by contacting the shul office). 

NOTE: Full family memberships are subject to a $100 mandatory security fee and individual and associate memberships are subject to a $50 security fee that will be billed separately.

5782 Membership Letter

(If you need more seats than your membership level allots, you may indicate how many extra seats you need, using the next section below after choosing your membership level.)

Enter Number of Extra Seats desired in each category for High Holidays:

MAIN SANCTUARY, OUTSIDE (PARKING LOT), and KINS NORTH (Members and Non-Members) and BEIT MIDRASH (Members Only)
BEIT MIDRASH (Non-Members - Seats Only)
Sat, September 23 2023 8 Tishrei 5784