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Purim 5781 - A Year of COVID

PARSHAT ZACHOR (Shabbat, February 20th)
This year, not only will we have multiple minyanim for Shabbat Parshat Zachor (7:15, 8:30, and 9:15 am), but we will also have three additional opportunities to hear Zachor on Shabbat, 8:20 am (auditorium) 10:15 am (Main Sanctuary), 11:00 am (auditorium) and 5:00 pm (before mincha - Main Sanctuary).

For anyone who is in quarantine or who, for health reasons, has not been leaving home, there are minority opinions that would allow reading the parsha on Shabbat from a chumash and then watching a zoom of the Torah reading on Purim morning. In addition, it is best that in the summer when we read Ki Teytze (August 21) to be in shul and listen to that maftir (which is the reading of Zachor).

PURIM (Thursday night, February 25th - Friday, February 26th)
It is important to find ways to celebrate Purim while maintaining the necessary health precautions of COVID. All minyanim will be limited in size, and we ask that everyone pre-register online.

We will be increasing the number of night and daytime minyanim for Purim. All minyanim will maintain KINS safety protocols of masking and social distancing. We are also encouraging parents to bring children (who can remain seated for the megillah reading) to one of three family readings. 

If attending a megillah reading later at night, it is permitted to break the fast before hearing megillah. However, a full meal should not be eaten until after hearing the megillah. 

For anyone who is in quarantine or who, for health reasons, has not been leaving home, there are minority opinions that would allow listening to the megillah via zoom. However, if this is necessary, it is ideal to read along using a kosher megillah. If a kosher megillah is not available, a person can still rely on the minority opinions and fulfill the mitzvah via a "live" zoom or audio broadcast. On Purim, we will be broadcasting the 6:40 pm, and 8:30 am megillah readings. 

Mincha 5:05 pm in the Main Sanctuary and Auditorium
5:40 pm – Adult only Maariv & Megillah will take place in the Main Sanctuary, Auditorium, and Downstairs
6:40 pm – Family Megillah Reading (with large screen megilla) in the Main Sanctuary and Auditorium
8:15 pm Adult only Megillah Reading in the Main Sanctuary
5:45 am – Shacharit and Megillah in the Auditorium
7:00 am – Shacharit and Megillah in the Main Sanctuary 
8:30 am – Shacharit and Megillah in the Main Sanctuary
9:30 am – Family Megillah Reading for young kids with parents in the Auditorium
11:30 am – Megillah Reading in the Main Sanctuary 
12:35 pm – Early mincha in the Main Sanctuary 

While mishloach manot is one of the key mitzvot of the day, this year, it is best to follow the advice of the Rambam, minimize the number of packages sent (two prepared foods to one person is all that is needed ) and increase the giving of tzedakah for matanot l'evyonim.

There will be collection plates for money to be distributed on Purim for matanot l'evyonim. People who are not coming to shul can contribute on the KINS website - please make sure to earmark the funds for matanot l'evyonim. All funds will be distributed on Purim day.

Because Purim falls on erev Shabbat, the Purim Seudah may be eaten in the morning but should be concluded no later than 2:48 pm (1/2 hour before mincha ketana). As in other years, the seudah should include bread, wine, and meat. However, fish may be eaten in place of meat.

Fri, March 5 2021 21 Adar 5781